Artist's Bio

Like many artists, I can't remember a time when I didn't draw or paint. I grew up in Chicago, and two things stand out in my memory as giving me great joy: Visits to the famous Art Instititute of Chicago and the annual art contests at school. the Art Institute was spectacular, so many different kinds of art! The contests at school challenged me and if I won, it boosted my self confidence. Art seemed like it came naturally, and my dream was to teach art and make a living in some form of art expression.

In 1979, I married Keith, and moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where we raised two children. I earned a degree in commercial photography, and owned a small, home based portrait studio until our move to Plymouth, Michigan in 1992. there I studied Graphic Design, and worked for 2 small companies. While working in the graphic design field, I studied drawing with an outstanding teacher, David Messing of Livonia, Michigan. Drawing became my main medium, and it was all I really wanted to do. And then I found glass beadmaking and it changed my life.

There are infinite possiblilites with glass - shape, color, inclusions, surface treatments... all these make my palette limitless, and the idea of making something so timeless, yet so practical appeals to me. It is exciting to know people are using my creations to incorporate into their own designs. Like a pebble dropped into a pond, the ripples continue to radiate outward ---those designers sell their creations, the person buying the piece may be giving it to their mother or sister or friend, and it may not stop there!

I've come full circle now, and moved back to the Chicago area. Before leaving Michigan, I taught at the Toledo Museum of Art and now teach at our bead store in New Lenox, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). We are in the process of organizing monthly workshops featuring great teachers like Kate Fowle and Larry Scott.

My work sells internationally thru this website and in our bead store.

Thank you for visiting!

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