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If you're reading this page, you're one of the few, the proud, the brave (and maybe a little wild!) who either love glass and are willing to try something new, or you're a glass beadmaker who wants to learn more.

In either case, welcome to my website, and please let me take a moment to explain my philosophy on teaching, I won't ramble, I promise.

I have had heard that some artists fear their competition and so, like a chef who leaves out a vital ingredient, they tell only *some* of what they know. How sad is that?

I believe that if your hand is closed to keep something from going out, nothing can come in either! I'm happy to say, that in the many workshops I've attended in glass beadmaking I have NEVER come across this. Because of this I have felt honored to pass on the knowledge I've learned... as much as I can in the time I have with each student. I encourage note taking, photo taking, and I also include what I consider to be good information on my Studio Stuff page. I want you to learn from MY mistakes, but don't worry, you'll make some of your own and be a better beadmaker because of them.

So here are the details on the classes I teach:

I teach by appointment in the beautiful new studio we've built at Blue Fire Beads The fee is $175 for 4 hours. If you're a beginner (and we all were at one time!)

During the class you will be provided with all the tools, glass, torch, etc. So don't worry about anything except tying back long hair, wearing long sleeves and shoes and socks... NO SANDALS.

For Beginners:

We'll go over safety first, and then how to light the torch, how to dip mandrels, make several round and centered beads, a tube (cylinder) bead, and a tab (disk) bead. Then we'll progress to how to pull stringer, how to apply stringer in dots and stripes, raking, feathering, and plunging. (Don't you love the little plunged dot beads? They're the ones with the little strategically placed trapped bubbles.)

I will also discuss types of glass, equipment and give you a handout and catalog for supplies. You'll make your own beads and I'll anneal them and send them to you via first class mail.

Intermediate and Advanced: We will go over what you have learned and what you need help with, then customize your class based on your particular needs.

If you are interested in taking a class, please let me know via email asap so I can get you on my calendar. I teach by appointment only, there are no "scheduled" classes, other than occasional workshops which will be listed here and on the Blue Fire Beads website.

Look forward to hearing from you!


I started lampworking in June of 2000, by buying a "beginner's kit" from Delphi Glass and reading a book. Until December of 2001, I had never taken a class. I finally decided that I should take one with Mari, who has been lampworking a couple of years longer than I have, because I was feeling like there were a lot of things I could be doing differently. I am *so* glad I did. In the time spent with Mari, she gave me many hints and tricks that I previously did not know. Thanks to her, my florals improved, I had many more tips in my "arsenal," and I was able to make some changes to my overall work style. Take a class with Mari - you won't regret it. She's one of the best.

Kelly Elliot
Grass Lake, Michigan

Mari, I wanted to tell you THANK YOU very much for the awesome class. I have tried a few of those triangle beads and just love them. I also started doing my beads in the middle of the mandrel and you are right they are much easier to work on. I showed my daughter that way and she made a perfect round dimpled bead on her third try. She had been trying the other way and was having trouble holding the mandrel level. Thanks again, I dont know when I have enjoyed something as much as I did my class with you. Lona

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