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Aaack~! Countdown: 3 days til surgery! My jaws are permanently clenched, I'm in Celebrex WITHDRAWAL, and I wish it was NEXT Friday! Wouldn't it be just ducky to be able to take the next 3 days off? Wahhh sorry to whine. I'm grateful that I have the steadfast support of my family and I think about all the folks who don't have a support net. My sister Faye told me last night about a lady named Agnes who is in a rehab facility because she doesn't have a support net to take care of her after her replacement surgery last week. Faye went to visit and another older lady was crying because she wanted to go home and they wouldn't let her. Where is her family? Surely someone could take her home?

Ok, I'll be more upbeat. I have another student today, and yesterday's was a really nice guy from downstate. He picked beadmaking up really well, and I was so impressed by the questions he asked. They were questions about the process, but really showed me he was thinking about what comes next, etc. Can't wait to see how he does, and he promised to keep me informed of his progress. If you read this, Jim, you better!!! ;c)

Things I want to do while recuperating: Read the DiVinci Code, master netted cabochon and bead crochet, get back to drawing. Brooke's getting a list of DVD's together to get me up to speed with all her comedic references. Went to Bed, Bath & Beyond (not my favorite store) and got one of those pillows with arms that help you sit up straight in bed. While I was there I saw lots of curtains that I thought were cool. Thick tapestry in really rich colors. They'd be great bead references, too!. BTW, I'm going to post some bead references I got in an obscure way... Some of you know I'm a MAC person, well I have an eMac and iTunes. When you play the tunes, you can activate a visualizer. The visualizer is the coolest thing.. it's all abstract colors and shapes that change in time to the music. Think psychedelic, man!!! Anyway, I got the bright idea to capture some of the images with my digital camera and print them off to inspire some beads. Haven't made the beads yet, but here are some of the images: How cool are these? So, maybe I can make a few beads inspired by these before the surgery.. I'm going to try this afternoon after my class. I'll close for now, gotta get ready.

Thursday, April 22nd, 2016

Well, I said I'd be back today and I am! Keith's off to the dentist and I'm watching the store til Brooke comes back. Our division of labor is somewhat unusual, but it works for us. Keith and Brooke work on all the retailing stuff, filling tubes, restocking, re-ordering, and waiting on customers, and I arrange the classes, do the scheduling and of course, play er, I mean work at the torch making beads. So it's rare for me to run the cash register, probably happens once or twice a week. I think when we first opened I screwed it up so much that Keith doesn't mind if it's not exactly my strong suit. The computerized cash registers make it easy, but I still don't like making change... anyone else out there like that? Anyway, I'm waiting for the O2 tanks to come, and then I'm going to finish the orders. I really got a LOT done yesterday. Keith is going to clean a ton of beads...

I have a student coming from downstate this afternoon. I always look forward to teaching. The awe of a new beadmaker is a joy to behold. By the end of the 4 hours we both need a nap! There's just so much to absorb and 4 hours just flies past!

I don't even know if anyone reads this blog, especially after my long lapse, but if you are reading this, ya know Imelda Marcos? I'm the Imelda Marcos of bags. Purses, handbags, organizers, etc. ... I can't get enough! Yesterday we received a shipment of ArtBin organizers and there's something called a "Sew-Lutions" tote. It's a jewelrymaker or beader's dream tote. So I snagged one for me! Keith called me Imelda the rest of the day. Sarcasm... Ha! I love it! But really, we got home about 9 p.m. and as soon as I got into my p.j.'s, I transferred all my seed beading and jewelry making equipment into the tote. I know there are men who love to organize tackle boxes, too, so it's not just a woman thing. But I can't even express how MUCH I enjoy doing stuff like this. You'd think the house would look like Martha Stewart lived there, but it doesn't. I just love organizing my hobby stuff. Oh ya, I live an exciting life, don't I? LOL!

Okay, got my coffee and now I'm off to finish the orders. We're cooking glass today!

Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
Countdown to my knee replacement... 5 more days! It's been a long time since I've blogged. I apologize for anyone who started reading this silly compilation of thoughts... when I started I had trepidation but didn't think that the last 2 months would be quite so busy.

Last Saturday we took family and friends to Buca di Beppo's to celebrate our 1st anniversary of Blue Fire Beads -- the bead store -- and also our 25th wedding anniversary. Can't believe how time flies! The dinner and afterparty were fun. Thanks to all who made our day complete!

I've had major insomnia for the last few weeks due to the surgery scheduling, but went to the dr. and got some Xanax, which I take at nite to sleep. Works like a charm. They also assured me I'd be able to get something upon my arrival at the hospital. When I had my gall bladder out in '97 I had a panic attack in pre-op and I think I was worried that would happen again. I'm sleeping well now, and getting lots more done during the day!

Today I have numerous lampwork orders to fill and so I'll sign off. I hope to be back again tomorrow, and then every day til surgery. This is so theraputic! After surgery it will give me something to do. Although I have lots of seed bead projects picked out for then too, and Brooke is getting me books and DVD's. Should be pretty groovy, all in all. My goal is to get back before Larry Scott comes for the 2 day workshop June 5th & 6th. See ya tomorrow!

Tuesday, Feb. 10th, 2004

It's nice here in Chicagoland.. a balmy 26 and sunny! Today I'm working on getting orders out in the mail, and Keith's working on the new layout and displays for the store. We've got to hustle so we can get the new precious out! I've got the photos edited from our trip. I'm sorry that I didn't take more, but we were busy having fun and buying!!! (As a consequence it looks like an advertisement for Star Pass Resort)... here are the photos:

Flying in to Phoenix...
...about to land.

These are the views from our balcony.

Photos of the condo...

So those are the photos... we are hoping to have the photos of the new layout and displays as soon as Keith finishes them. Thanks to Brooke being in the store more, he has time to create!

Well, not much else to share with you today, it's time to get on the torch.. I have orders to fill and I want to get some new things in the lampwork display here. Mo' later, stay warm!

Saturday, Feb. 7th, 2004: Our triumphant return from Tucson....

There we were in 60 and sunny weather, and came back to dark, snowy, and 28. We're home!!! The good news is we are grateful for the trip, had a 100% good time, and I cannot believe how much we bought in Tucson. The precious!!! (Okay, that was done in my very best Gollum in Lord of the Rings voice.)

If you love iolite and green chalcedony, you'll understand how excited I am. I can't believe the Bali and Thai silver, the semiprecious, glass beads and even buttons!!! We shopped til we dropped Monday thru Thursday, taking only enough time to eat and to (sometimes) pee. How can I describe this trip? The Starr Pass Resort was to die for... so southwestern in decor and really gorgeous views. I will insert photos later, forgot the disks at home.

Keith and I had dinner with Jiley, Lauri Copeland, Renee, Jami Hamilton and Lauri's friend, whose name I never got.. shame on me! We also met a great couple at P.F. Changs on Thursday night, Roy and Anna. They proved how friendly Tucsonians are! We're hoping that we will see them again next year when we go to Tucson, they said they'd take us to have some really authentic Mexican food.

Yesterday, we shipped all the beads home via FedEx. The bill was like $160, so you can imagine the volume and weight we bought. After shipping, we went to Sullivans for lunch and it was outstanding. There are few good restaurants in our part of the world... unless you go in to Chicago... so I sent up a wish that someone would open a restaurant like Sullivans in New Lenox. Ha! Too funny. Getting to the airport was one of those excruciating, "will-we-make-it-on-time-oh-my-god-there's-no-way" kind of trips. Tucson to Phoenix by car is 100 miles and then the car rental is off site, and then you never know how long the security line is going to be, right? I can't believe we made it all in a bit over 2 hours.

Big surprise, when I got off the plane I could barely walk. I bought a walker the day before we left, it's got wheels and a seat and basket, kind of a bike for the infirm. I used it at all the shows and in the airports. I don't know what I would have done without it. Everytime my knees started to give, I'd sit on that seat til I had to move again. People were generally understanding, although there were some men of foreign descent that actually ran me over at the shows. I believe their opinion of women is already so low, that a woman with a walker must have been lower than a snakes bellybutton to them. Pffffft! to them! As Will Ferrill as Sean Connery says, "You can suck it, Trebec!" Oh my, can you hear me giggling?

Brooke took great care of the store while we were gone, and she had lots of help from MaryPaul. THANK YOU MARYPAUL!!!

Well, I have orders to fill, and my tummy is growling, so I better sign off. We're going on Atkins Monday, so I better live it up now...

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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